Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Although the video has a lot of good information in it, I think the guy was a bit too generous by giving it a “7″ out of “10″.

Costco has been using products that come from China which means that they could be toxic and that should be a big factor in the rating of any memory foam product. You can decide this for yourself though.


Now, on to what makes for a good mattress topper.

Memory foam is the ideal material for a mattress topper because it gives great cushioning, excellent support and costs less than buying a whole new mattress.

Don’t go for any of the cheap Chinese or other foreign foams because they will stink to like sour milk, wear out much quicker and be a hazard to sleep on.

The foreign foams contain all kinds of toxic ingredients and can be hazardous to your health if you sleep on them.

The density reading for foreign foams is false because they use clay products to create a higher density rating but that isn’t a good thing to add to the memory foam so it causes premature sagging of the mattress or topper.

You can find quality made American poured foam that will outlast, give better support and won’t have that horrid smell that’s so often complained about by people who tried to save money by buying a foreign made topper.

You might want to stick with at least a 4 lb. topper density because lesser dense toppers can wear out in less than a year.


Selecting the right thickness for your weight and sleeping style is another big factor.

You might stick with a 3″ topper if you weigh up to 200 lb. If you’re a back only sleeper, you could probably get by even up to about 230 lbs. but if you roll over on your side during the night, you might bottom out onto the mattress below.

Lighter persons weighing from 90 lbs. to 160 lbs. might do ok with a 2″ thick mattress topper.

If you’re over 200 lbs. you might want to consider a 4″ thickness because of the bottoming out effect.

I weigh just a tad over 200 lbs. and I find that a 3″ topper is alright for me but I’m right at the cut off point and very near bottom.

If you sleep on your side, your hips and shoulders are taking most of the weight of your body and those areas will compress the foam quite a bit more than someone who sleeps on their back all night.

In these memory foam mattress topper reviews I’ll try to cover some of the more common toppers and give you some of the up side and down side of each one.


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